Getting blocked by Ticketmaster can be a huge frustration when you’re trying to purchase tickets for a high-demand event. Ticketmaster has stringent security measures to prevent bots and scalpers from scooping up tickets. But sometimes, their system ends up blocking real human users as well. If you’ve found yourself unable to access Ticketmaster because your IP address or account has been blocked, don’t lose hope. This comprehensive guide will walk you through multiple potential solutions and answers to the common question: “How to get unblocked from Ticketmaster?”

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Understand Why You Were Blocked by Ticketmaster

The first step is to understand the likely reason why Ticketmaster blocked you in the first place. Some common causes include:

  • Too many unsuccessful login attempts from your IP address, which Ticketmaster interprets as suspicious activity.
  • Automated bot behavior detected from your IP address, such as sending too many requests in a short period.
  • Refreshing Ticketmaster pages too frequently during a high-demand sale.
  • Having multiple browser tabs or windows open for the same event at once, which can mimic bot behavior.

It’s important to distinguish between Ticketmaster’s measures against scalping/bot activities and actions taken against individual users for non-malicious behavior. While Ticketmaster implements security measures to prevent bots and scalping, unintentional blocking of legitimate users would typically be less common and more likely related to system errors or extremely unusual usage patterns.

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How To Get Unblocked From Ticketmaster? [Easy Fixes]

Before trying more advanced tactics, start with these simple potential solutions to get unblocked from Ticketmaster:

  • Reset your password if you were blocked due to failed login attempts. Ticketmaster should allow you to regain access.
  • Wait it out if Ticketmaster suggests a temporary block. Their IP blocks usually only last 1-24 hours as a security precaution.
  • Disable any VPN you were using, as VPNs can be flagged as suspicious.
  • Disable browser extensions that may be interfering with Ticketmaster’s functionality.
  • Ensure JavaScript is enabled in your browser’s settings.
  • Clear your browser’s cache, cookies, and browsing data.

Advanced Methods to Unblock Ticketmaster

If those simple fixes didn’t work, it’s time to try some more advanced tactics to regain access:

1. Use a Different Browser

Use a different browser that hasn’t been blocked yet. Ticketmaster likely blocked the fingerprint or specific configuration of the browser you were using. By trying a different browser that you haven’t used to access Ticketmaster, you may be able to bypass the block. Make sure to clear cookies and cache in the new browser before attempting to access Ticketmaster. You can also use an anti-detect browser like adspower.

2. Change Your IP Address By Restarting Your Router

Ticketmaster may have blocked your specific IP address that was exhibiting bot-like behavior. One way to get a new IP is to simply restart your router, which can force your ISP to assign you a new dynamic IP address. The downside is you may get reassigned the same blocked IP again.

3. Use a Paid Ticketmaster IP Proxy Service

For a more reliable solution, use a paid Ticketmaster IP proxy service to mask your real IP address. V6proxies provides you with clean residential IP addresses that aren’t associated with any past Ticketmaster blocks or bot activities. This allows you to easily bypass Ticketmaster’s IP filters.

4. Contact Your ISP

Another way to change your IP is to contact your Internet Service Provider and explicitly request a new IP address be assigned to your connection. Most consumer ISPs use dynamic IP allocation, so they can easily change the IP on their end. The new IP should not be blocked by Ticketmaster.

As a last resort, you can contact Ticketmaster support directly, explain your issue and all the steps you’ve tried, and they may be able to manually unblock your IP or account.

Ticketmaster Block Prevention Tips [For Resellers Purchasing Tickets in Bulk]

As a ticket reseller, you likely need to purchase larger quantities of tickets than a normal consumer. This higher volume can unfortunately cause Ticketmaster’s systems to flag your IP address as potential bot behavior and block you. Here are some tips and options for resellers:

1, Invest In A Ticketmaster Residential Proxy Network

For resellers not using Ticketmaster’s broker tools, your best option is to route all your requests through a robust residential proxy network tailored for Ticketmaster. Residential proxy IPs are legitimate IP addresses attached to real mobile devices and home broadband networks that cannot be easily blocked or blacklisted by Ticketmaster. V6proxies will automatically rotate the IPs you use.

2. Implement Browser Fingerprint Randomization

In addition to IP rotation, also have your browsing configurations randomized between requests to Ticketmaster. This includes cycling through different browser engine versions, user agent strings, WebGL renderers, screen resolutions and other fingerprinting signals that Ticketmaster uses to detect bot activity. An anti-detect browser can give you all that.

3. Spread Purchases Across Multiple Identities

Don’t purchase an extremely high volume of tickets all from the same Ticketmaster account, credit card, and billing/shipping address combinations. This can trigger fraud alerts. Instead, spread your purchases across multiple logical consumer identities, stealth accounts and payment methods to avoid suspicion.

4. Use Ticketmaster-Approved Partner API

Ticketmaster offers a Partner API for vetted partners including resellers, which facilitates integration for various purposes like ticket reservations, purchases, and access to event information.

This API suite serves as a legitimate avenue for authorized partners to conduct transactions and retrieve data directly with Ticketmaster’s system, distinguishing them from unauthorized bot activities.

The Partner API includes features such as the ability to reserve tickets, create purchasing carts, and fetch detailed event information, offering a robust toolset for resellers to integrate Ticketmaster’s functionalities into their own systems.

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Prevention Tips To Avoid Ticketmaster Block [For Regular Users]

Once you’ve been unblocked from Ticketmaster, avoid getting blocked again in the future by following these prevention tips:

1. Avoid Bot-Like Behavior From Your Own IP Address

Don’t constantly refresh Ticketmaster pages or open too many windows/tabs for the same event. This type of behavior will cause their systems to detect you as an automated bot trying to snatch up tickets. Browse and purchase in a normal consumer manner.

2. Use Official Ticketmaster Platforms

Only access Ticketmaster through their official website, mobile apps or approved browser extensions. Third-party sites, apps or plugins could be flagged as circumvention attempts.

3. Use Rotating IP Proxy Service

For high-demand sales where you need to ensure smooth access, invest in a rotating IP proxy service made specifically for Ticketmaster. This will automatically cycle your IP address to prevent any single IP from getting blocked.

4. Browse Naturally

In general, you want to avoid any behaviors that could make Ticketmaster’s systems think you are a bot. Browse and purchase tickets in the same manner a normal human user would.

Main Takeaways

  • Ticketmaster aggressively blocks IPs and accounts exhibiting bot-like behavior to prevent scalpers, but this can impact legitimate users too.
  • For a blocked user, simple fixes like clearing cache, changing browser, waiting or resetting password may resolve the issue quickly.
  • If simple fixes fail, more advanced solutions include using a different browser, restarting router to change IP, or leveraging a residential proxy service.
  • Resellers purchasing tickets in bulk volumes need specialized tools like Ticketmaster’s Partner API, Ticketmaster residential proxies, and browser fingerprint randomization.
  • To avoid future blocks, users should browse naturally, stick to official Ticketmaster platforms, and optionally use a rotating IP proxy.

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