Plans change, life gets in the way – sometimes, even the most anticipated events can end up conflicting with our schedules. When you need to resell tickets, you might be wondering, “Can you transfer Ticketmaster tickets to StubHub?” The restrictions and processes can be unexpectedly frustrating.

Secondary ticket marketplaces like StubHub offer a solution for reselling tickets. In this article, we’ll focus specifically on transferring tickets purchased on Ticketmaster to StubHub, two of the most popular platforms in the industry.

Before Transferring Tickets From Ticketmaster To StubHub

It’s important to understand that not all tickets can be transferred between platforms. Here are some key things to check before attempting to transfer your Ticketmaster tickets to StubHub:

  • Understand The Process: Your goal is to list the tickets as mobile transfer on StubHub then when they sell, you transfer them to the email address of those who buy it on Stubhub.

These steps are a must and the transfer is only complete after a buyer buys them from you on StubHub.

  • Ticket Restrictions: Check the fine print on your tickets or the event details through Ticketmaster. Some events or ticket types may have explicit restrictions against transfer or resale.
  • Original Point of Sale: If you originally purchased your tickets directly on StubHub, you likely won’t be able to relist them on the same platform. Most secondary marketplaces have policies against this practice.

If it turns out your Ticketmaster tickets cannot be transferred to StubHub, don’t worry! There are other reputable marketplaces to consider. Explore our article on Ticketmaster alternatives: for other options.

How to Confirm You Can Transfer Ticketmaster Tickets to StubHub

Before diving into the process, it’s crucial to make sure your specific Ticketmaster tickets are eligible for transfer to StubHub. Here’s how to find that out:

  • Check Your Tickets: Look closely at the electronic tickets within your Ticketmaster account. If the “Transfer” button is grayed out, the tickets aren’t eligible for transfer.
  • Ticketmaster Event Page: Go to the specific event page on Ticketmaster. The “Event Details” section often includes information on ticket transferability.
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Step-by-Step Ticket Transfer Guide

Assuming your tickets are eligible for transfer, let’s walk through the process of moving them from Ticketmaster to StubHub. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

1. Create a StubHub Listing

  • Sign In on StubHub: Access StubHub and sign into the account where you wish to sell tickets.
  • Select Event Category: Choose the event category (e.g., concert, sports) and open the event page you plan to sell tickets for.
  • List Tickets for Sale: Click ‘Sell’ at the top right corner, then select the specific event and the number of tickets you’re selling.
  • Ticket Transfer Option (important): Choose the mobile transfer option for transferring tickets from Ticketmaster, and then select the specific seats.
  • Add A Payout Method: Complete the listing process by adding a payout method and listing the tickets on StubHub.
  • You can find more tips on ticket reselling in our guide.

2. Transfer via Ticketmaster

  • Log into your Ticketmaster account.
  • Locate the event and corresponding tickets.
  • Click the “Transfer” option and carefully input the buyer’s email address (this will be provided by StubHub when the tickets are sold).

Ticketmaster provides options for transferring tickets both through their app and website. On the app, after selecting the tickets, you have the option to enter the recipient’s mobile number or email address. On the website, you go to the “My Tickets” section, choose the tickets, and then enter the recipient’s email address.

3. After Selling, Complete The Transfer on StubHub

  • Log into your StubHub account.
  • Navigate to your sales tab and find the relevant order.
  • Click “Confirm Transfer” to complete the process.
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Troubleshooting Tips

Even with careful planning, sometimes things don’t go as expected during the transfer process. Here are some common issues and how to get help:

  • “Transfer” option is not appearing: This likely means your tickets are not eligible for transfer. Double-check restrictions and contact Ticketmaster if necessary.
  • Incorrect email input: Ensure you’ve entered the buyer’s email exactly as provided by StubHub.
  • Other technical glitches: Unexpected errors can occur. Refresh the page, try a different browser, or clear your cache.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to either Ticketmaster or StubHub customer support if the issues persist. Both platforms have dedicated help sections to assist users with transfer problems.

When You Can’t Transfer Directly

While Ticketmaster-to-StubHub transfers are convenient for eligible tickets, it’s important to know that not all tickets can be transferred this way. Here’s what to do if the transfer button is grayed out:

  • Barcode Resale: Some platforms allow you to list tickets with a barcode that the buyer can then scan at the event.
  • PDF Ticket Upload: If you have a PDF version of your tickets, there might be an option to upload them directly for resale.

It’s important to remember that different resale platforms will have varying fee structures. Check out our article on ticket resellers with the lowest fees before choosing where to list your tickets.

FAQs And Answers

FAQs And Answers

To help you get the most of this guide we will answer all the FAQs that might arise around the transfer process.

Does Ticketmaster Charge To Transfer Tickets?

Ticketmaster itself usually does not charge a fee specifically for transferring tickets. However, the resale platform where you list the transferred tickets (such as StubHub) will likely have their own fees associated with the sale. So in the context of this guide, there is no such thing as “ticketmaster transfer tickets fee”.

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How Long Do Stubhub Tickets Take To Transfer?

If you are using StubHub’s “Mobile Transfer” option, the transfer is typically instant or near-instant for supported events.

Does Stubhub Transfer Tickets To Ticketmaster?

Currently, there is no way to directly transfer tickets from StubHub back to Ticketmaster.

Can You List Tickets On Ticketmaster And Stubhub At The Same Time?

Most ticketing platforms have policies against listing the same tickets on multiple sites simultaneously. This is to prevent fraudulent activity and ensure ticket availability for buyers. However, the answer to this question is Yes. Ticket resellers can sell/list tickets on multiple sites, but they must carefully manage inventory and adhere to each platform’s terms of service to avoid penalties for double-selling. 

Why Does Stubhub Have Tickets Before Ticketmaster?

Sometimes, resellers on StubHub have secured tickets through presales, season ticket holder access, or other methods before tickets are officially released on Ticketmaster. It’s important to remember that there’s an inherent risk when purchasing from these resellers as there’s no guarantee they will actually be able to provide the promised tickets.

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