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V6Proxies is the fastest residential proxy provider  offering real and active residential IPs for Surveys

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Pricing Plan Section

50$ Charges per Month
  • 5 Golden IPv4 Proxies
  • Residential Proxies
  • 0 Fraud Score Proxies
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • HTTPS/SOCKS5 Support
  • user/pass or IP Auth
  • No DNS Leak
  • Delivery Time < 2 hours!
90$ Charges per Month
  • 10 Golden IPv4 Proxies
  • Residential Proxies
  • 0 Fraud Score Proxies
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • HTTPS/SOCKS5 Support
  • user/pass or IP Auth
  • No DNS Leak
  • Delivery Time < 2 hours!
280$ Charges per Month
  • 32 Golden IPv4 Proxies
  • Residential Proxies
  • 0 Fraud Score Proxies
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • HTTPS/SOCKS5 Support
  • user/pass or IP Auth
  • No DNS Leak
  • Delivery Time < 2 hours!
550$ Charges per Month
  • 64 Golden IPv4 Proxies
  • Residential Proxies
  • 0 Fraud Score Proxies
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • HTTPS/SOCKS5 Support
  • user/pass or IP Auth
  • No DNS Leak
  • Delivery Time < 2 hours!

Our Features

Residential/Data Center

Stay 100% anonymous and use only real IP addresses provided by real Internet service providers and take advantage of the cleanest proxy pools on the market. Zero bans, penalties, or captchas.

Unlimited Bandwidth

To deliver maximum efficiency to our customers, we have based our servers on 10/40Gbps speed networks that do not employ throttling or bandwidth limits.

HTTPs/SOCKS5 Support

We Support HTTPs/SOCKS5 Protocols over IPv4 and IPv6 plans to provide the best benefits for your business.

Static Proxies Plans

Direct ISP connectivity provides 24/7 IP availability. Keep your web sessions for as long as you need with Static Residential IPs.

Expert Support Team

With our friendly support Team working 24/7, get instant access to your purchased packs with the live support provided by our engineers!

Highly Anonymous

Stay 100% anonymous and use only real IP addresses provided by real Internet service providers and take advantage of the cleanest proxy pools on the market. Zero bans, penalties, or captchas.

Dual Authentication

We offer our clients the choice whether to have user/pass authentication or IP address authentication to provide the most benefit for their business!

Optional Monthly Rotation

We offer our clients the ability to replace their IPs and access a new IP pool after each monthly bill cycle!

Rotated Proxies Plans

Our rotated plans rotates proxies per each browser session by default to give you the most benefits of rotated proxies!

Proxies for all your needs

Our dedicated proxies are ideal for Social Networks, Rank Tracking, Game sites, Captcha Solving, Online Shopping, Sneaker copping, and many other purposes...

We Provide Custom Packs

Custom Packs

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    Your guide for using Proxies for surveys

    Ever found a survey site that offers a lucrative pay for participation, only to be met with a notification that restricts your access due to your location? It’s frustrating, isn’t it? Worry not, we got you. We will tell you how residential proxies for surveys might be your much-needed solution and answer your common questions about their use.

    Let’s start by understanding why you might need survey proxies in the first place.

    When Do You Need Survey Proxies?

    Eliminate geo-restrictions

    Imagine a scenario where a survey platform specifically targets US residents. With a proxy, you can access the site from any location and present yourself as a user from the US. This is achieved by channeling your connection through a proxy server situated in the US, granting you a US-based IP address.

    Unblock survey websites

    An additional need for survey proxies arises when facing website access issues. Sometimes, due to regional restrictions or connection issues, certain sites might be inaccessible.

    Experienced users often recommend a residential proxy over a VPN in such situations. The reason? Residential proxies provide IP addresses indistinguishable from real users, making detection by websites more challenging. Conversely, using free proxies or VPNs can lead to your survey account being suspended due to detectable discrepancies.

    Retake surveys? Yes you can

    Lastly, for those aiming to retake surveys for added income, be wary. Some survey platforms employ an IP address duplication detection system. This system prevents users from attempting the same survey multiple times from identical IP addresses, even across different accounts. Thus, to revisit a survey, ensure your connection utilizes a rotated IP address.

    Why Are Surveys Restricted by Location?

    Ever wondered why certain surveys are only accessible in specific geographic locations? It’s a common question, and the reasons are more than one: 

    1. Data accuracy and relevance:
      Companies target surveys to specific demographics. By doing this, they ensure that the data collected is relevant to their market. Essentially, they are securing the most useful and applicable information for their particular industry or product line.
    2. Legal and regulatory concerns:
      Different countries have unique laws that impact what can be asked in a survey and how the gathered data can be managed. These legal complexities can make it challenging to offer the same survey across disparate regions.
    3. Economic differences:
      The economy of a region can impact payout rates and incentives. That’s because the value of survey rewards, like cash or gift cards, may vary according to the local cost of living or income levels.

    Surveys are restricted by location due to considerations like the target demographic, legal regulations, and economic conditions in a particular area. With these restrictions, it can be frustrating when you want to participate in a survey, but you’re unable due to your geographic location. That’s where residential proxies come into play.

    Digital dashboard displaying multiple color-coded survey forms with world map background

    Increasing Survey Opportunities with Residential Proxies

    Residential Proxies are your passport to bypass geographical restrictions on survey sites, offering you the golden opportunity to participate and earn irrespective of your location. With them you can:

    1. Participate in surveys in different locations all over the world.
    2. Specify the location you target as you want: big country, a city, or a small town.
    3. Access surveys from high-paying regions for better earnings.
    4. Shield your identity.
    5. Avoid bans, restrictions and attention.
    6. Get paid to share your opinions.

    How do residential proxies work on survey sites?

    Residential Proxies assign you different geographical IPs tied to real homes. Survey sites, seeing these IPs, assume you’re from that location, and allow access. This quality reduces the likelihood of detection and blocking by survey sites.

    The secret of residential proxies popularity with survey sites lies in their speed and vast proxy pool:


    Speed is essential for a smooth and efficient browsing experience. With residential proxies, you’ll enjoy fast, unlimited connections that make participating in surveys a breeze. 

    A lightning-fast connection means you can complete surveys in no time, making your survey participation highly efficient.

    Proxy Pool 

    Another notable feature of residential proxies lies in the size of the proxy pool offered by the best proxy providers. A great provider offers a clean pool of IPs that rotate regularly, ensuring that users avoid bans and maintain smooth access to restricted surveys.

    The larger the pool, the more diverse the IP addresses, which means a lesser chance of encountering blocked or flagged IPs.

    Computer screen showing "Survey Limit Reached" warning with a proxy icon redirecting to a new survey.

    How To Use Residential Proxies to Participate In Surveys?

    Steps for setting up a proxy and accessing survey sites with it is straightforward. Follow these steps and you will be okay, even if your technical knowledge is little.

    1. Choose the Right Proxy provider

    The first step towards your financial freedom from online surveys involves selecting the appropriate residential proxy provider. The choice will be influenced by several factors, including the cost, location, and speed.

    V6proxies offer you the best service for a reasonable price.

    Remember, free and cheap proxies may not offer the desired reliability. You do not want to deal with frequent disconnections while halfway through your online survey, right?

    2. Set Up the Proxy 

    Once you have identified the suitable proxy, the next step is setting it up. Don’t panic! This process is simplified by V6proxies. You will be provided with an IP address, port number, username, password and instructions.

    These are the details you will use to configure your browser settings. Once set up correctly, your online traffic will appear as if it’s originating from the IP address provided by the proxy service. 

    3. Access the Survey Sites 

    With the proxies correctly configured, it’s time to start your journey to financial gain through online surveys. You can start by signing up on reputable survey sites such as Swagbucks, OnePoll, LifePoints, and InboxPounds.

    Remember to provide legitimate details to avoid account suspension in the sign-up process. Then navigate to the surveys section, and start answering the questions.

    Yes, it’s that simple!

    On completion of the surveys, your earnings are credited to your account. Payout procedures may vary across platforms, but most will offer options such as check, PayPal, or even gift cards.

    Why Choose V6proxies for Your Surveys?

    It’s crucial to obtain survey proxies from a trusted reliable provider, and here’s why V6Proxies excels:

    High-Caliber Residential Proxies

    V6Proxies merges the privacy of residential proxies with the rapidity of data center proxies, anchored by top-tier ISPs. This blend offers survey users boundless bandwidth with low latency.

    Dedicated High-Performance Servers

    We emphasize premium service, dedicating robust servers for survey proxies and regularly updating server resources to meet your demands.

    Strategic Eastern Locations and Dedicated Bandwidth

    Experience minimal to no lag and enjoy a stable connection. With V6proxies, more efficient survey completions are coming your way.

    Dual Authentication Options

    V6Proxies supports both HTTPS and SOCKS5. We offer user/pass and IP authentication, granting you the flexibility of unique or uniform credentials for your proxies.

    Exceptional 24/7 Support

    Our team, available round-the-clock, is not just responsive but also consultative. We understand your needs and guide you to the best, cost-effective solution for your business.

    Computer screen with multiple surveys, a protection shield, and a global backdrop.

    Start today!

    Using residential proxies to participate in online surveys opens endless income opportunities. All this while keeping your true identity safe and crossing geographic borders, right from the comfort of your home. So, what’s stopping you from signing up and exploring this fantastic opportunity today?