• May 30, 2024
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Ticketmaster Data Breach May 2024: 500 Million Users Hacked

Views 7 In May 2024, Ticketmaster experienced one of the largest data breaches in recent history, compromising the sensitive information of approximately 500 million users. This May Ticketmaster data breach orchestrated by the notorious hacker group ShinyHunters, has sent shockwaves through the digital security and ticketing business communities. It raised significant…

  • May 25, 2024
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Best 5 Alternatives to Amazon MTurk For Workers [2024]

Views 35 Are you looking to diversify your income streams and explore new opportunities for online work beyond Amazon Mechanical Turk? Whether you’re seeking better pay rates, a wider variety of tasks, or simply want to vary your work experience, there are plenty of alternatives to MTurk that might just…

  • May 22, 2024
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Amazon MTurk Account Suspension (Reasons & Solutions) (2024)

Views 53 Have you received the awful message stating, “This account has been suspended by the Amazon Mechanical Turk team”? You’re not alone. Account suspensions on Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) are becoming more common, leaving many workers wondering, “Why Amazon Mechanical Turk suspends accounts?” These suspensions can disrupt your MTurk…

What are HTTP Proxies? Your Questions Answered

“What are HTTP proxies?” This question often arises as users navigate the complexities of the web. HTTP proxies are more than just technical tools; they are gatekeepers that enhance connectivity, protect data, and let you do more online. 

This guide discusses the essence and operations of HTTP proxies, exploring their functions, protocols, and the multiple use cases that make them an indispensable tool in network management and cybersecurity.

Do Fortnite Have IP Bans? [+How To Unban Yourself]

Views 145 Fortnite has emerged as more than just a game; it’s a global phenomenon captivating millions with its dynamic gameplay and vibrant, evolving gameplay. Since its release by Epic Games in 2017, Fortnite has shaped a diverse gaming culture. But with popularity comes the necessity for regulation: Fortnite bans….

What Is A Remote Desktop Session? + Console Sessions In RDP

Views 132 As remote desktop technology evolves, understanding “What Is A Remote Desktop Session?” and the nuanced distinctions between RDP and console sessions becomes critical for IT professionals aiming to master their remote access daily use. This guide provides advanced insights into the mechanics and applications of RDP sessions, as…