As a ticket reseller in 2024, one venue for profit simply isn’t enough. You know that selling tickets on multiple sites expands your buyer base and increases sales. But listing concert tickets on multiple resale platforms can cause issues like double-selling. Some platforms discourage that behavior too, so you need to mind their terms of service.

In this article, we will answer your question, review the current regulations in ticket reselling. We’ll also explore the latest terms of service affecting multiple listings, and share techniques for managing your inventory and prices across platforms.

Can You Sell/List Tickets On Multiple Sites?

The short answer is yes, ticket resellers typically can list and sell inventory across multiple secondary marketplaces. However, the terms of service and exclusivity agreements for each platform introduce constraints on cross-listing tickets simultaneously. So it’s a dangerous tactic many use to increase ticket sales.

Resellers must tread carefully to avoid account suspensions, financial penalties, or even lawsuits for issues like double-selling.

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Can You Sell/List Tickets On Multiple Sites? (TL; DR)

Ticket resellers can list on multiple marketplaces but must comply with each platform's terms to avoid legal issues and double-selling.

Platforms like StubHub and Ticketmaster Resale allow reselling tickets bought elsewhere but discourages identical listings across multiple sites.

Cross-listing software helps manage real-time inventory across platforms, reducing double-selling risks and ensuring rule compliance.

Successful multi-platform selling involves dynamic pricing, targeted marketing, strategic timing, and prioritizing platforms while maintaining diversity.

Reselling Ticketmaster tickets on other sites is possible for transferable tickets, but resellers must be mindful of policies on non-transferable ticket resale.

Do Major Ticket Resale Platforms Allow Multi-listing?

While sites like StubHub, VividSeats, and Ticketmaster Resale generally allow users to post tickets for resale even if purchased elsewhere, their rules prohibit listing identical seats across their own sites or affiliates. Ticket resale sites also require sellers to immediately remove listings when sold elsewhere.

  • StubHub, for example, specifically calls out that sellers must immediately remove listings from any other marketplaces after a sale.
  • Seatgeek states that it is not recommended to post tickets on other marketplaces in addition to SeatGeek, as it violates their Terms of Use and can create a negative experience for buyers.
  • Platforms also use technology to detect duplicate copies of e-tickets and may outright cancel certain event listings posted on competing sites.
  • If a seller fails to fulfill a ticket order due to it selling first on another site, they can be charged harsh fees equal to 200% or more of the ticket’s value.

So while selling tickets across platforms is possible, resellers must constantly sync inventory counts and delist instantly to avoid trouble.

How To Safely Sell Tickets On Multiple Sites And Make Money?

By focusing on multiple-site listing strategies, you can effectively manage and optimize your ticket sales across multiple platforms, ensuring maximum reach, compliance, and profitability. These strategies include:

1. Use Cross-Listing Software To Sync Inventory

  • Tool Utilization: Implement cross-listing software. This technology automatically updates your ticket inventory across different platforms in real-time. An example of this is
  • Benefits: Reduces the risk of double-selling and ensures consistency in your ticket listings and delisting.
  • Consideration: Choose software that integrates seamlessly with major ticket platforms.
  • Example: Some services, like Ticket To Cash, allow you to list your tickets on hundreds of other ticket resale marketplaces, which helps save time and avoid double-selling your tickets.

2. Adjust Prices Across Platforms Based On Demand

  • Dynamic Pricing: Regularly monitor and adjust ticket prices based on demand fluctuations and platform-specific trends.
  • Strategy: Use higher prices on platforms with more traffic or for events with increasing popularity.
  • Caution: Stay informed about each platform’s pricing policies to avoid violations.

3. Test To Prioritize Certain Platforms Over Others

  • Platform Selection: Identify which platforms yield the highest sales or best target your audience.
  • Focused Strategy: Prioritize these platforms for your most sought-after tickets.
  • Balancing Act: While focusing on specific platforms, don’t neglect others. Diversify to reach a wider audience.

4. Use Platform-Specific Marketing Techniques

  • Targeted Descriptions: Tailor your ticket descriptions to match the typical buyer on each platform.
  • Promotional Strategies: Utilize platform-specific promotions or featured listing options to increase visibility.

5. Aim For Strategic Listing Timing

  • Event Timing Analysis: List tickets at times when buyers are most active on each platform.
  • Pre-sale and Last-Minute Listings: Utilize pre-sale or last-minute sales strategies depending on the platform and event type.

6. Maintain Compliance With Terms Of Service At Each Platform

  • Terms of Service Adherence: Ensure all listings comply with the terms of service of each platform.
  • Ethical Reselling: Commit to ethical reselling practices, like avoiding price gouging, to maintain a positive reputation and avoid legal issues.

Can You Resell Ticketmaster Tickets On Other Sites?

Yes, you can resell Ticketmaster tickets on other sites, such as StubHub or Vivid Seats. This usually applies only to transferable tickets. When you do this, you’re transferring them, not selling them through Ticketmaster. Ticketmaster thus assumes you’re giving them away for free—that’s how you bypass their resale restrictions. However, keep in mind that some platforms, like StubHub, won’t list your tickets for resale if they are non-transferable.

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Q & A On The Topic Of Multiple-Site Ticket Listing

Is It A Good Idea To List On Multiple Platforms?

Listing on multiple platforms is risky. If you sell on one and do not delist from the second, you could face a dropped sale charge of 100% of the value of your sale.

How To Post Tickets To Sell On Multiple Sites At Once?

You can use services like Crosslist or Ticket To Cash to quickly post items on multiple sites for selling all at once, including bulk import and direct cross-listing options.

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