Reselling tickets on is a straightforward process. It is also a common query among ticket holders who can’t attend events. This guide will walk you through the steps to resell your tickets efficiently based on real experiences from AXS users.

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First Step: Check If AXS Resale is Available

Usually, if you have purchased tickets via AXS and the AXS Official Resale is accessible for the event, you have the option to resell them. In order to verify whether your tickets can indeed be sold, here’s what you need to do: log in to your AXS account, and navigate to “Your Tickets”. Then, pick the event and look for the “Sell” button. If the resale is not eligible, this button will not display or will be grayed out.

What Can Prevent Resale on

AXS ticket reselling is sometimes not allowed. There are 3 possible reasons for this:

  • The promoter requested the show be unavailable for resale.
  • The ticket is classed as VIP.
  • Your ticket is priced as a special offer.

Second Step: Setting the Right Price

After confirming that your ticket is eligible for resale, the next crucial step is pricing. The key to successful reselling, especially for profit, is setting a competitive yet profitable price. Consider factors like the event’s popularity, the remaining time until the event, and the current demand. Remember, if your price is too high, you might not find a buyer; too low, and you’ll miss potential earnings.

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Third Step: Listing Your Ticket

Once you’ve set your price, list your ticket on the AXS marketplace.

Here’s how: In your account, go to “Your Tickets”, select the ticket, and click on “Sell”. Enter your price, review the listing details, add a credit or debit card for receiving payment, and hit “List Tickets”.

Once listed, your tickets will be immediately available for purchase by other fans. You will see how much money you are expected to receive, and upon sale, you’ll receive an email with info about the appropriate funds in your AXS account, minus the seller fees.

Fourth Step: Monitoring and Adjusting Your Listing

The ticket resale market is dynamic. Prices can fluctuate based on various factors like additional ticket releases or changes in demand. Regularly check your listing and be ready to adjust the price if necessary. This flexibility can be the difference between selling at a profit and not selling at all.

Fifth Step: Finalizing the Sale

When your ticket sells, AXS handles the transaction. The money is kept as a balance in your AXS account and after the event has taken place, you can transfer the funds to your bank account.

It’s essential to understand the timeline for receiving your funds. Attempting to transfer funds before the event happens will result in cancellation of your transfer request.

Once the transfer process is initiated, it typically takes 7-10 business days for the money to reach your bank account​.

Final Words

Reselling tickets on for profit requires more than just listing your ticket. It involves strategic pricing, understanding market dynamics, and efficient use of the platform’s features. You can read the full guide on reselling tickets for profit here.

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