If you’re an eBay seller looking for ways to buy eBay stealth accounts, or get an eBay account with no selling limit, this guide will help you understand and do that efficiently. Stealth accounts on eBay have become increasingly popular among sellers looking to bypass certain limitations or recover from account suspensions.

What Are eBay Stealth Accounts?

eBay stealth accounts, also known as ghost accounts or secondary accounts, are alternative seller accounts created using different personal information and identities from the real owner. These accounts are designed to operate independently from a seller’s primary account, allowing them to circumvent restrictions or continue selling if their main account faces issues.


  • eBay stealth accounts are created with different personal information to bypass selling restrictions or recover from suspensions, allowing sellers to maintain their presence and revenue on the platform.
  • Using stealth accounts risks violating eBay’s policies, potentially leading to suspensions or bans, as eBay uses methods like IP tracking and device fingerprinting to detect multiple accounts.
  • To create a stealth account, one must obtain consent for using personal details, use a VPN or proxy for a new IP address, establish a realistic browser history, and gradually increase selling activity to avoid detection.
  • Best practices for maintaining stealth accounts include using consistent proxy locations, avoiding shared proxies, and carefully managing account activities to prevent linkage to the primary account.
  • While stealth accounts offer a workaround for eBay restrictions, they come with significant risks and ethical issues. Alternatives include appealing suspensions, increasing selling limits, and diversifying sales across different platforms.

Why do Sellers Need Stealth Accounts?

Sellers may need stealth accounts for various reasons, including increasing their sales volume beyond the limits imposed on their primary account, continuing operations after an account suspension, or testing new selling strategies without risking their main account’s performance.

  • The primary benefit of using stealth accounts is the ability to maintain a presence on eBay and generate revenue, even if the seller’s main account encounters problems.
  • Additionally, stealth accounts can be used to list duplicate listings, improving visibility and potential sales.
  • However, it’s crucial to understand the risks and proper procedures for creating and managing stealth accounts to avoid further complications with eBay.

How Does eBay Detect Multiple Accounts?

eBay employs several algorithms and methods to identify sellers operating multiple accounts, as this practice violates their policies. Understanding these detection methods is crucial for sellers considering the use of stealth accounts.

eBay’s algorithms and methods for detecting multiple accounts include:

  • IP address tracking: eBay monitors the IP addresses associated with each account. If multiple accounts are accessed from the same IP or a pattern of shared IPs is detected, it could raise red flags.
  • Device fingerprinting: eBay can identify devices based on their unique hardware and software configurations, making it harder to use the same device for multiple accounts without being noticed.
  • Account activity patterns: eBay analyzes account behavior, such as listing patterns, communication styles, and payment methods. Accounts exhibiting similar patterns may be flagged as potentially related.

Risks of Using Stealth Accounts On eBay

It’s important to note that while stealth accounts may provide temporary solutions or workarounds, they inherently carry significant risks:

Creating and operating multiple accounts for a single seller and the same listings is a direct violation of eBay’s user policies. If detected, it can lead to serious consequences:

  • Account suspensions: eBay may suspend or permanently ban all associated accounts if they determine that a seller is using stealth accounts. This could result in the loss of listings, feedback, and potential revenue.
  • Legal consequences? Creating a stealth account is legal, but the use of stealth accounts to circumvent eBay’s policies or engage in fraudulent activities could potentially lead to legal repercussions, depending on the severity of the violation.

How To Create An eBay Stealth Account?

While not recommended, some sellers choose to create stealth accounts anyway. If you decide to take this route, follow these steps carefully to minimize the risk of detection:

  • Using real identities is crucial to avoid legal issues.
  • Clearly communicate your intentions and obtain explicit consent.

Step 2: Use a Reliable Remote Desktop, VPN Or A Proxy

  • Access eBay from a different IP address than your main account.
  • Reputable remote desktop services or VPNs can provide anonymity.
  • Using proxies can add an extra layer of anonymity and help bypass eBay’s IP tracking when creating stealth accounts:
    • Residential proxies offer the highest level of anonymity.
    • Data center proxies can also be effective, but may be easier to detect.
    • After You Choose, set up the proxy on your device or remote desktop.
    • Ensure the proxy is functioning correctly before proceeding.

Step 3: Create a Realistic Browser History

  • Spend time browsing normally to establish a credible digital footprint.
  • Visit relevant websites and create a natural activity pattern.

Step 4: Set Up the eBay Account

  • Create the new account using the personal details obtained from family and friends.
  • Avoid any connection to your main account or identities.

Step 5: Warm Up the Account

  • Gradually increase activity to mimic a new seller’s behavior.
  • Avoid listing items immediately to prevent raising suspicion.

AntiDetect Browsers As An alternative To RDP

Anti-detect browsers offer a sophisticated solution to one of the most significant challenges in maintaining multiple eBay accounts: avoiding detection through device fingerprinting. eBay’s algorithms can identify accounts operated from the same device by analyzing a multitude of data points, such as browser type, operating system, screen resolution, and even installed fonts. This process, known as device fingerprinting, can link accounts even if they use different IP addresses.

Why Anti-Detect Browsers?

Anti-detect browsers like adspower are specifically designed to counteract device fingerprinting. They allow users to create and manage multiple browser profiles, each with a unique digital fingerprint. This means you can operate several eBay accounts without them being linked by the common markers that eBay’s algorithms look for.

Best Practices for Using Proxies with Stealth Accounts

While proxies can enhance the anonymity and security of your stealth accounts, it’s essential to follow best practices to maximize their effectiveness and minimize the risk of detection by eBay’s algorithms. Here are some crucial best practices to keep in mind:

  • Use proxies from the same location consistently for each account to maintain a consistent geographical identity.
  • Avoid Shared/Public Free Proxies:
    • Shared or free proxies are generally not recommended for stealth account operations, as they are more likely to be flagged or blacklisted by eBay.
    • Opt for dedicated, private proxies, preferably residential proxy services, to ensure maximum anonymity and reduce the risk of detection.
  • Configure Proxy Settings Correctly:
    • Ensure that your proxy settings are configured correctly on your device or remote desktop.
    • Incorrect proxy credentials or configurations can lead to connectivity issues or expose your real IP address, defeating the purpose of using a proxy.

Integrating Proxies with Remote Desktops For eBay

By integrating proxies with remote desktops, you create an additional layer of obfuscation for your real IP address and location. This combination can make it significantly more difficult for eBay to detect your stealth account activities. Here is how to do it:

  • Step 1: Set up a remote desktop service to access eBay from a different IP address than your main account.
  • Step 2: Configure the proxy settings on the remote desktop, ensuring that the proxy is functioning correctly.
  • Step 3: Access your eBay stealth account through the proxy-enabled remote desktop.
  • Step 4: Rotate the proxy IP addresses regularly, even when using a remote desktop or VPN, to maintain anonymity and avoid detection.

Maintaining and Managing Stealth Accounts Without Getting suspended

Creating a stealth account is just the first step; the real challenge lies in managing it effectively to avoid detection and potential suspension by eBay. To keep your stealth account operational, it’s crucial to follow specific guidelines and best practices:

1. Differentiate Your Listings

  • Avoid duplicating listings across your primary and stealth accounts, as this can raise red flags for eBay’s algorithms.
  • Vary the product descriptions, titles, pricing strategies, and images used for similar items listed on different accounts.
  • Treat each account as a separate brand or entity to maintain a distinct identity.

2. Pace Your Listing Activity

  • Refrain from listing a large volume of products immediately after creating a stealth account.
  • Start with a modest number of low-cost items, gradually increasing your listing count over time.
  • Mimic the behavior of a new or small-scale seller to avoid raising suspicion.

3. Exercise Caution with Trademarked Products

  • eBay closely monitors listings involving trademarked brands or products enrolled in the Verified Rights Owner Program (VeRO).
  • Exercise extra caution when listing such items, as eBay’s scrutiny is heightened in these cases.

4. Maintain Consistent Browser Fingerprints

  • Avoid making frequent changes to your browser settings, as this can alter your device fingerprint (cookies) and raise suspicion.
  • As mentioned earlier, use proxies from the same location consistently for each account to maintain a consistent geographical identity.
  • Keep each account isolated within its designated browser profile or virtual environment.

5. Gradual Onboarding

  • Stealth account management requires a delicate balance and a learning curve.
  • Start with low-risk listings and gradually increase your operations as you gain experience and confidence.
  • Be prepared to accept potential losses initially as you navigate the intricacies of running stealth accounts successfully.

Should You Buy An eBay Stealth Account? (Risks and Considerations)

While creating a stealth account from scratch is one option, you may be tempted to purchase an existing aged account from a seller. This approach may seem convenient, but it comes with several risks and considerations that you should be aware of before making a purchase.

1. Uncertain Account History

  • When buying a stealth account, you have no way of knowing the complete history of the account or the methods used to create it.
  • The account may have been created using improper or risky techniques, making it more susceptible to detection and suspension by eBay.
  • There could be hidden issues or previous violations that could come back to haunt you as the new account owner.

2. Potential for Fraud or Hacking

  • The market for buying and selling eBay accounts can be a breeding ground for fraudulent activities and scams.
  • You risk purchasing an account that has been obtained through illegal means or hacking, which could lead to severe consequences if discovered by eBay.
  • Even if the account appears legitimate, there is no guarantee that the seller has not retained access or compromised the account in some way.

3. Lack of Control over Account Setup

  • When creating an eBay stealth account from scratch, you have complete control over the setup process, including the use of proxies, browser fingerprinting, and account warming techniques.
  • With a purchased account, you have no insight into the initial setup, which could increase the risk of detection if proper precautions were not taken.

4. Cost and Value Considerations

  • Aged or established eBay accounts can command premium prices, often ranging from a few hundred to thousands of dollars, depending on the account’s history and performance.
  • While a purchased account may seem like a shortcut, it’s essential to evaluate whether the cost justifies the potential risks and uncertainties involved.

Alternatives to Stealth Accounts

When considering the challenges associated with eBay stealth accounts, including the risks and ethical considerations, exploring alternatives becomes crucial. These alternatives not only ensure compliance with eBay’s policies but also support sustainable business growth. These alternatives include:

1. Appealing Account Suspensions

If eBay suspends your account, the first step should always be to appeal the suspension. Contact eBay directly to understand the reason behind the suspension and follow their process to appeal. This often involves providing additional information or clarifying any misunderstandings that led to the suspension. Success in this area can restore your account without the need for stealth tactics.

2. Increasing Selling Limits Legitimately

eBay often places limits on new accounts to protect the marketplace from fraud. You can request higher selling limits by providing evidence of good selling practices, such as positive feedback, timely shipping, and responsive customer service. Consistent performance and adherence to eBay’s policies can lead to increased limits over time.

3. Diversifying Selling Platforms

Instead of relying solely on eBay, consider diversifying your sales across multiple platforms. This approach can reduce the impact of any single account’s suspension and help you reach a broader audience. Platforms like Vinted, Amazon, Etsy, and Shopify offer alternative avenues for online sellers.

FAQs On eBay Stealth Accounts

We’ve compiled the most common queries that users, like yourself, often ask when they think about eBay Stealth Accounts:

1. How to Get Back on eBay After Being Banned?

Getting back on eBay after a ban requires understanding why eBay banned the account. Appeal directly to eBay if you believe the ban was a mistake or if you’ve resolved the issue that led to the ban. In cases where eBay upholds the ban, starting over with a new account is possible, but ensure you consider eBay’s policies and be careful to avoid future bans.

2. How to Open an eBay Account?

Opening an eBay account involves visiting eBay’s website and following the registration process. You’ll need to provide some basic information, such as your name, address, and a valid email address. eBay will guide you through the setup, including setting up payment methods for selling.

3. How to Get Unsuspended from eBay?

To get eBay to unsuspend you, contact eBay support to discuss the suspension. You may need to submit additional information or resolve any issues that led to the suspension. Each case is unique, so follow eBay’s guidance closely during the appeal process.

4. Can You Make a New eBay Account After Being Banned?

Technically, you can create a new account after a ban, but if eBay links the new account to the banned account, it may also face restrictions. It’s crucial to address the reasons behind the initial ban before starting anew. We recommend using proxies to avoid getting the new account linked to the suspended account.

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