Sold-out events can be frustrating, especially when you see tickets on resale sites at sky-high prices. AXS Demand Tickets offer an alternative solution. But the question “What Are Demand Tickets on AXS?” remains for many fans of live entertainment.

For resellers, making money by selling tickets for popular, sold-out events often means navigating a complex secondary market. Let’s get to know the concept of demand tickets and how it helps fans and resellers get to their goals.

What Are Demand Tickets on AXS?

Demand Tickets are part of the AXS Premium program, offering access to seats many fans seek. Their prices are determined by real-time market demand, meaning they can change over time. This system aims to provide a fairer way to buy and sell tickets for popular events on AXS.

What Is AXS Premium?

AXS Premium is a broader program on the AXS ticketing platform that offers fans enhanced ticket-buying options. Demand Tickets are a key feature of this program. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Focus on High-Demand Events: AXS Premium is primarily designed for in-demand shows where tickets are likely to sell quickly.
  • Dynamic Pricing: Demand Tickets, a major part of AXS Premium, use fluctuating prices based on real-time market dynamics.
  • A Direct Ticket Source: AXS Premium allows fans to purchase tickets straight from the event organizer or venue, reducing the risk of counterfeit tickets.
  • Potential for Additional Features: While not guaranteed, some AXS Premium listings may include other perks, although these won’t be tied to Demand Tickets specifically.

How AXS Premium Relates to Demand Tickets?

Think of AXS Premium as the umbrella program, with Demand Tickets being a specific tool within that program used to sell and purchase high-demand seats at market-driven prices.

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Key Features Of AXS Demand Tickets (For Fans)

AXS Demand Tickets offer a unique way to get your hands on those coveted seats for high-demand events. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Access to Sold-Out Events: Demand Tickets often open up opportunities to attend events that are sold out through regular channels. If you missed out initially, these tickets can be your second chance.
  • Market-Driven Pricing: The price of Demand Tickets fluctuates based on real-time demand. This means you’ll pay a price reflective of the current popularity of an event. Be ready for prices that could be higher than the original face value.
  • Easy to Find & Purchase: Demand Tickets are integrated directly into the AXS event pages. This makes it simple to identify if they’re available and purchase them directly through a trusted source.
  • Just the Ticket: Demand Tickets don’t include extra perks or VIP packages. You’re paying solely for the ticket itself, guaranteeing your entry to the event.

Key Features Of AXS Demand Tickets (For Resellers)

AXS demand tickets offer unique features that set them apart from standard ticket sales. Although resellers do not directly deal with Demand or Platinum tickets, the strategies and trends surrounding these tickets provide valuable market intelligence that can enhance the selling approaches.

1. Selective Availability = Identifying Resale Targets:

Demand Tickets only appear for events likely to sell out quickly. This pinpoints shows where you should focus your efforts sourcing tickets through traditional methods for profitable resale on other platforms. 

2. Dynamic Pricing = Market Trend Indicator:

Fluctuating Demand Ticket prices act as a real-time barometer of buyer interest. Monitor these price changes to gauge which events and ticket types are most desirable, optimizing your own resale listings on different platforms.

3. Easy Access On AXS = Quick Research:

The clear presentation of Demand Tickets on AXS allows you to assess demand and price trends efficiently. Use this to compare with other resale platforms, making data-driven decisions about where and how to list your inventory.

4. Ticket-Only Focus = Cost Comparison:

The lack of bundled perks in Demand Tickets lets you easily compare the raw ticket cost to listings on resale websites. This helps you determine if your own resale prices are competitive.

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Comparing AXS Demand Tickets to Similar Offerings

When comparing AXS Demand Tickets to Ticketmaster’s Platinum Tickets, several key differences and similarities emerge:

Ticketmaster Platinum Tickets

  • Pricing Model: Like AXS Demand Tickets, Ticketmaster’s Platinum Tickets use a dynamic pricing model. Prices are set by a computer algorithm based on the calculated demand for the show.
  • Not Resale Tickets: Both AXS Demand and Ticketmaster Platinum are sold for the first time by the promoter, not as resale tickets.
  • Market-Based Pricing: This model is similar for both, adjusting prices according to supply and demand, similar to airline tickets or hotel rooms.
  • Premium Seating: Platinum Tickets, like AXS Demand Tickets, are often for premium seating, but do not include additional perks or VIP packages.
  • Availability: Platinum Tickets, like Demand Tickets, are not available for all events and are subject to market dynamics.

Tips for Buying and Using Demand Tickets On AXS

Snagging Demand Tickets for your favorite events requires a bit of strategy. Follow these tips to increase your chances and get the best deal:

  • Set a Firm Budget: Before you even start browsing, decide on the absolute maximum you’re willing to spend. This prevents you from getting caught up in the excitement and overpaying.
  • Become a Price Watcher: Track how Demand Ticket prices change over a few days or weeks leading up to the event. This will give you a sense of the market’s rhythm, and potentially help you spot dips in demand when prices might be lower.
  • Time Your Purchase Wisely: If possible, consider buying when overall demand might be less – for instance, mid-week or during typical working hours. Avoid peak times like right when an event sells out on standard channels.
  • Be Flexible, Not Fixated: The key to Demand Tickets is understanding that prices fluctuate. Don’t get your heart set on one specific price. If you see a cost within your budget range, act quickly.

Additional Tip: If possible, check prices on AXS Demand Tickets from multiple devices (e.g., your phone and computer) to make sure you’re seeing the most up-to-date pricing.