If you’re wondering about the vague world of Reddit’s community management, you’re not alone. Questions like “Does Reddit IP ban?” and “How does Reddit detect ban evasion?” are common among users who face access issues. The goal of this guide is to understand the reasons behind Reddit IP bans, the platform’s methods for detecting ban evasion, and even touches on broader issues such as internet censorship, including inquiries like “Is Reddit banned in China?”

In previous guides, we covered unblocking yourself on Ticketmaster, instagram unblockers, YouTube unblocked sites, Roblox unblocked sites, and fortnite IP bans. Today, we will discuss reddit ban types, solutions to bybass their IP ban, and the risks involved.

Does Reddit Do IP Bans?

Yes, Reddit does implement IP bans as part of its strategy to enforce community guidelines and maintain a healthy discussion environment. An IP ban on Reddit means that any attempt to access the platform from the banned IP address will be blocked, which effectively prevents users from creating new accounts to bypass account-specific sanctions.

This method is particularly useful against persistent rule violators who might repeatedly create new accounts after being banned.

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Reasons for Reddit IP Bans

Reddit’s IP bans are typically triggered by several types of undesirable behaviors or activities that breach the platform’s strict community guidelines. Here are the major reasons for such bans:

A. Violations of Reddit’s Content Policy

  • Hate Speech: Engaging in hate speech or promoting hate based on identity or vulnerability.
  • Harassment: Participating in or encouraging harassment of individuals or communities.
  • Involuntary Pornography: Sharing or distributing involuntary pornography.

B. Abusive Behavior/Harassment

  • This includes targeted harassment, bullying, or any form of aggressive behavior that could harm other Reddit users emotionally or mentally​.

C. Spam/Ban Evasion Attempts

  • Repeatedly posting the same messages or excessively posting unsolicited links can lead to an IP ban. Attempting to return to Reddit using alternate accounts after a ban is specifically highlighted as ban evasion, a common reason for enforcing Reddit IP bans​,

D. Suspicious Activities

  • Reddit may also issue IP bans if it detects unusual or suspicious activities, such as logging in from multiple IP addresses in a short period, which could suggest the use of bots or other manipulative software​.
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Types of Bans on Reddit

Reddit employs a range of ban types to manage user behavior and enforce its community standards. Each type of ban serves a specific purpose and has different implications for the user’s access to the platform:

A. IP Bans

IP bans block all access to Reddit from a particular IP address. This is often used to prevent a user from simply creating new accounts to continue violating Reddit’s rules.

B. Account/User Bans

These bans are specific to an individual’s account. When an account is banned, the user cannot interact with the community through that account. This can be either temporary or permanent, depending on the severity of the offense.

C. Subreddit-Specific Bans

Moderators of individual subreddits can ban users from participating in their specific subreddit. This doesn’t affect the user’s ability to participate in other subreddits.

D. Temporary vs. Permanent Bans

Temporary bans are for a set period, which allows the user to return after the time has elapsed, assuming no further violations occur. Permanent bans are indefinite and are used for severe or repeated violations​.

How Does Reddit Detect Ban Evasion?

Reddit uses a variety of methods to detect ban evasion. These include tracking IP addresses, analyzing user behavior, and monitoring for patterns indicative of previously banned users attempting to return to the platform. Advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques are likely employed to identify similarities in the usage patterns between banned accounts and new accounts, which may include analysis of posting style, timing, and the content itself. This technology helps ensure that users who have been banned for violating community guidelines cannot easily return under a new guise​ (Alphr)​​ (Reddit Help)​.

Duration of Reddit IP Bans

The duration of an IP ban on Reddit can vary widely based on the severity of the violation. Minor infractions might result in shorter, temporary bans, while severe or repeated violations can lead to permanent IP bans.

As per Reddit help docs: “When your account is banned, you’ll see a message at the top of the Reddit website or app about your banned status. You’ll also receive a message in your Reddit inbox letting you know the reason you were banned and, if it’s temporary, how long it will be.” This message will have links to the appeal process too.

Users who wish to appeal a ban can do so through Reddit’s official appeal process. This typically involves submitting a detailed explanation of the situation and why the ban may have been unjustified or requesting reconsideration based on new information or circumstances. Reddit’s moderators or administrators then review the appeal and decide whether to lift the ban or maintain it.

Note: If you received a permanent ban, you are not entitled to appeal.

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Is Reddit Banned In China?

Yes, Reddit is banned in China. The Chinese government blocks access to a large number of foreign websites and online services, including popular social media platforms like Reddit, Whatsapp and Facebook, as part of its strict internet censorship policies.

While the exact reason for banning Reddit is not officially stated, it likely stems from the free flow of information and open discussions on the platform, which the Chinese authorities deem as potential threats to their control over narratives and public discourse.

Bypassing Reddit China Ban

To bypass the ban and access Reddit from within China, users typically rely on virtual private network (VPN) services or other circumvention tools that can route their internet traffic through servers outside of China, effectively bypassing the Great Firewall censorship system.

However, the use of such tools is also closely monitored and the Chinese government restricts them, making it a constant cat-and-mouse game for those seeking free internet access in China.

Solutions For Reddit IP Bans

While they carry potential violations of Reddit’s terms of service, Reddit users go for some technical methods to bypass IP bans if their appeal does not get results. These solutions include:

  • Using a VPN: A Virtual Private Network (VPN) can change your IP address to one from a different geographic location, potentially bypassing an IP ban. This method changes your perceived location and can sometimes allow access back to Reddit.
  • Using a Proxy: Similar to VPNs, proxy servers act as intermediaries between your computer and the internet, providing you with a new IP address. Check our IPV6 and IPV4 proxy solutions.
  • Changing DNS Settings: When you alter your DNS settings, you’re changing the server that your computer communicates with to translate domain names into IP addresses. Instead of using the default server provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP), you might switch to a public DNS service like Google DNS or OpenDNS. While it might work, this method is insecure and can put your privacy at risk.


  • Reddit implements IP bans to enforce community guidelines, blocking access from specific IP addresses to prevent users from circumventing account-specific sanctions through new accounts.
  • Major reasons for Reddit IP bans include violations of content policy like hate speech and harassment, abusive behaviors, spam or ban evasion attempts, and suspicious activities suggesting the use of manipulative software.
  • Reddit utilizes various methods to detect ban evasion, including tracking IP addresses, analyzing user behaviors, and using advanced algorithms to identify similarities in usage patterns between banned and new accounts.
  • The duration of a Reddit IP ban can vary, with minor infractions possibly leading to temporary bans, while severe or recurrent violations may result in permanent bans. Reddit also offers an appeal process for users who think their bans are for no reason.
  • Reddit is banned in China as part of the country’s internet censorship policies, with users typically using VPNs or other circumvention tools to access the platform from within China despite the restrictions.