Struggling to cop hyped sneaker releases? Tired of taking Ls on drops you want? Joining a sneaker cook group may help.

Cook groups are exclusive communities for sneakerheads and resellers. They provide inside info and tools to help members secure limited shoes.

In cook groups, you’ll find monitors tracking upcoming sneaker drops, guides for copping, group buys for rare items, and a support system. It’s like having cheats and hacks for sneaker releases.

In this post, we’ll break down everything you need to know about sneaker cook groups. You’ll learn how they work, what features to look for, what they cost, and if joining one could help you secure your next big come up.

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What is a sneaker cook group? A simple definition

A Sneaker Cook Group is a community, often hosted on platforms like Discord, where members share resources, information, and strategies to successfully purchase limited-edition or high-demand sneakers for retail, which can later be resold at a higher price.

These groups provide benefits like:

  1. Early links
  2. shoebot setups
  3. and sneaker proxy support

to help members “cook” or successfully buy these sought-after shoes during releases.

Who are the members of sneaker cook groups?

Sneaker cook groups attract a variety of individuals united by a shared enthusiasm for sneakers, each bringing unique skills and perspectives. Members include:

Sneaker Enthusiasts and collectors: Individuals interested in acquiring limited-edition sneakers.

Resellers: Aim to buy at retail price and sell at a profit.

Tech-Savvy Individuals: Utilise bots, shoe proxies and servers to enhance purchasing success.

Admins: Oversee group activities, provide resources, ensure smooth operations.

Moderators: Assist admins, handle member queries, and maintain a positive community environment.

Where can you find cook groups?

Cook groups are exclusive clubs on private messaging platforms like Discord or Telegram. You can also find them on dedicated websites or private forums.

Getting in cook groups

Getting in sneaker cook groups usually needs an invite, kind of like a secret handshake that ensures a controlled, knowledgeable community.

Invitations can come from existing members or through applications reviewed by admins. Sometimes, these groups might promote their membership openings on social media or sneaker forums during specific periods.

Why is sneaker cook groups worth it?

Whether or not sneaker cook groups are worth joining depends on your goals and needs as a sneaker reseller or collector. Cook groups can provide valuable benefits, but also come with some costs and challenges to consider.

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Benefits of sneaker cook groups

1- Access to High-End Monitors and Bots:

Cook group monitors track sneaker sites for restocks or new releases, while tools like bots automate the buying process.

Example: a monitor might alert members about a restock of Air Jordan 1s on a specific site, and bots can be set up to automatically purchase these sneakers the moment they become available.

2- Sneaker Early links:

Sneaker brands and retailers issue early links. They may do this for a variety of reasons, such as to generate hype for a release, to give early access to loyal customers, or to partner with influencers.

Once inside a cook group, you can get access to these URLs.

3- Education and support:

Groups provide guides and mentors to teach new resellers strategies and skills. There is also community support when you need help or have questions like:

  1. What bots fit your target sneaker site?
  2. How to optimise your setup for each website?
  3. What are the proxies you can use for sneaker copping?
  4. How to minimise the cancellation rate?

4- Exclusive access to tools:

Some cook groups offer access to limited tools, sneaker proxies, bots, and other services not available to the public.

5- Premium services

Cook group premium services might include: 

  1. Group buys: allows members to pay less for expensive tools through sharing the fees.
  2. ACO Service (auto-checkout service): lets you have expert botters secure sneakers on your behalf for a fee you pay after they succeed.
  3. Backdoor Services: provide access to precious sneakers through connections with sneaker shop staff.

6- Reselling help

Once you are done with getting limited edition sneakers, you will be happy. But what makes you happier and richer is to know where to resell and to get smart tips about reselling. Many cook groups offer that for members.

Sneaker cook groups costs and challenges

The path of a successful sneaker reseller in a cook group demands a blend of monetary commitment, continuous learning, and active participation. Costs and challenges include:

1- Monthly subscription fees:

Cook groups membership fees range from $30/month into the hundreds. The higher-tier groups can get expensive, especially for new resellers.

2- No guarantee:

Even with all the benefits, there is no guarantee you will cop every release or make a profit reselling. Success depends on your own efforts.

3- Time commitment: To get the benefits, you will need to put in time learning, engaging in the community, and running for drops.

Types of sneaker cook groups

Group Type Sub-Type Description Examples
Free vs Paid Free Groups Open to all, general information, larger user base Hype Plug, Summit Flips, Space Notify
  Paid Groups Exclusive features, cost associated, potential waitlists Notify
Public vs Private Public Groups Easy to join, broader discussions Hype Plug, Summit Flips, Space Notify, Notify
  Private Groups Exclusive, invite-only, targeted resources Sole AIO Cook Group, Supreme Community, Nike Botters
General vs Specialized General Groups Wide range of sneakers and releases Hype Plug, Summit Flips, Space Notify, Notify
  Specialized Groups Focus on particular brands or types of releases Sole AIO Cook Group (Nike), Supreme Community (Supreme), Nike Botters (Nike)

Your path to secure more pairs and make profits

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