Welcome to this comprehensive guide on utilizing LinkedIn proxies for efficiently managing multiple LinkedIn accounts! Using the power of LinkedIn and managing numerous accounts helps with networking, increasing engagement, boosting brand presence, and also with LinkedIn scraping.

Like any other social platform, LinkedIn has some restrictions that might lead to an IP ban if you exceed the limits or create many accounts from the same IP. Proxies can easily solve this problem.

In this guide, you’ll cover:

  1. Why running multiple LinkedIn accounts might be beneficial for you.
  2. How to create and manage these accounts efficiently.
  3. How to use proxies for this purpose.

Why Create Multiple LinkedIn Accounts?

Having more than one account allows you to overcome the limits Linkedin has on profile views, connection requests, and messages. Whether you are using LinkedIn for lead generation, data scraping, or increasing brand visibility, you will face limitations if you decide to scale your activities using one account.

Creating multiple accounts will help you with:

Segmenting Your Contacts

  • Maintaining separate accounts helps segment your network more efficiently.
  • One account can be for close professional contacts, while the other for casual connections.
  • It prevents your network from becoming cluttered and unwieldy.

Targeting Different Niches

  • You can use specialized accounts to build connections in various niches.
  • For example, create a group of accounts targeting the healthcare industry and another group targeting the retail industry.

Increase Scraping Efficiency

  • Multiple accounts allow you to scrape more LinkedIn data like email addresses.
  • Each account has a scraping limit, having several accounts surpasses that.
  • This helps generate more leads and sales by scraping wider sources.

a man manages many linkedin accounts at the same time

Growing Your Followers

  • You can grow followers for your LinkedIn company pages more quickly if you use multiple accounts to engage and share from it.
  • The LinkedIn algorithm gives more visibility to content that many people interact with. So you can increase your company page or a personal account by interacting with it from different accounts.

To make this possible and also avoid getting blocked by LinkedIn due to suspicious activities, you can use IPV6 Linkedin proxies or residential VPN.

Risks of Multiple LinkedIn Accounts Without Proxies

LinkedIn is designed to track digital fingerprints, which include identifiable markers like your device’s details, operating system, cookies, and more to pick up on patterns and link accounts.

If your multiple accounts are accessed from the same device without countermeasures, LinkedIn can easily connect the dots. Once the algorithm flags suspicious correlation between accounts, further manual verification is conducted by LinkedIn staff. If your accounts are found to be linked, the chance of permanent suspension looms high.

All LinkedIn accounts face equal likelihood of getting banned, including your main professional profile holding valuable social capital.

The Chances Of Recovering Banned Accounts

Losing well-established accounts directly impacts your business leads, networking channels and personal brand identity nurtured over years. Unfortunately, when faced with an account suspension, retrieving your profile is a difficult battle with little success.

LinkedIn makes recovering accounts extremely tedious and complicated due to security reasons. So if adequate protections like proxies and VPN are not set up, the risks of managing parallel LinkedIn accounts often outweigh potential benefits.

Linkedin proxies let you create and manage multiple accounts from different IP addresses to avoid getting banned or flagged.

Which Proxy Type Works Better With LinkedIn Multiple Accounts?

LinkedIn proxies are available in many types, including residential proxies, datacenter proxies, and mobile proxies.

Residential proxies use real home IP addresses, are more reliable and less likely to be flagged by LinkedIn. Datacenter proxies are cheaper but the chances of being detected by LinkedIn are comparatively higher.

For the best of both worlds, mobile proxies emulate 4G internet data packets passing through legitimate mobile carrier gateways and gives you great speed and anonymity.

As for the question of “rotated or static?”, rotated proxies are more effective than static proxies for managing multiple LinkedIn accounts safely and sustainably. The consistent IP rotation ensures each LinkedIn account session utilizes a fresh IP address. This prevents usage patterns linking accounts to a single entity, and safeguards against targeted IP blocks.

how to create multiple linkedin accounts using proxies

Creating Multiple LinkedIn Accounts With Proxies

Now we will show you exactly how to establish multiple LinkedIn accounts while using proxies:


Before creating multiple LinkedIn accounts, you need to:

  • Acquire reliable proxy service providing rotated residential IP addresses for Linkedin.
  • Set up the proxy service on your machine (desktop application or browser extension/addon)
  • Have unique email IDs for signing up for each LinkedIn account.
  • Ideally use separate devices like mobile phones or laptops for added identity cover.

Steps For Creating The Accounts

  1. Configure a new proxy IP within your proxy software tool.
  2. Open an incognito/private browser window and change geolocation if needed to match proxy location.
  3. Visit LinkedIn and click sign up to create a new account.
  4. Enter your email ID and proceed to add basic profile details in the signup flow.
  5. Complete email verification process when you receive the confirmation email.
  6. Once an account is created, customize the profile by adding more details, profile photo etc. according to your needs.
  7. Repeat the steps by assigning a different proxy IP for creating each additional LinkedIn account

Additional Tips For More Protection

For added protection, use appropriate identity cloaking techniques like:

  • Resetting browser cookies/cache between accounts
  • Changing device fingerprint details as needed.
  • Managing accounts only through designated proxy systems.
  • Avoiding logging in from the same public IP hotspots.

Tips for Managing Multiple LinkedIn Profiles

1. Keep activity genuine on all accounts

The key to maintaining multiple LinkedIn accounts is to interact with each one as you would a single real profile. Build genuine connections by personalizing invitation messages instead of blasting generic invites.

Actively contribute to group discussions with unique perspectives relevant to each persona. Post content catered specifically to every account’s target audience rather than duplicate spam posts.

2. Rotate Proxies Strategically

Use different proxy IPs for accessing each account if managing in quick succession. Allow adequate gaps between logins and sessions per profile. This prevents usage patterns tying accounts to the same entity. Structure workflows to focus on one account at a time.

3. Balance Network Expansion

While expanding your network is the goal, avoid over ambitious connection outreach. Send personalized invitations in manageable batches tailored to mutually beneficial interests. Connect only with professionals you can actively engage and exchange value with. Quality relationships enable healthy network growth.

4. Monitor Algorithm Changes

Keep up with LinkedIn’s evolving policies around automation and multiple accounts by regularly checking platform updates. As algorithms get stricter, reassess account management strategies promptly to comply with new regulations. Staying up to date allows bypassing restrictions proactively.

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