• April 4, 2024
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Facebook Session Expired Error: Tested Solutions (2024)

Views 460 If you’ve ever had your Facebook session keep expiring, logging you out with the dreaded “session expired” error message, you know how frustrating it can be. Whether you comply and re-login or you get tired and start wondering if “session expired on facebook = hacked?”, this error is…

Facebook Scraping 101 (Everything You Need for Success)

Views 737 Facebook scraping offers the ability to collect valuable data from the platform, including public posts, profile information, and group interactions. This data can unlock insights for various purposes, such as market analysis, competitor tracking, and social sentiment assessment. However, Facebook actively discourages and tries to block automated scraping….

What Is MAP Monitoring? [Track Your Pricing Compliance]

Views 617 Tired of unauthorized sellers undercutting your prices and damaging your brand reputation? Frustrated by a lack of control over how your products are presented online? Effective MAP monitoring is the solution. As a brand, you invest in quality, reputation, and building a strong reseller network. Minimum advertised price…