Ever since GeoSurf announced its shutdown due to a lawsuit, many businesses and individuals have been left scrambling for alternative proxy services. GeoSurf was renowned for its cutting-edge features providing users with reliable and secure proxy experience for many use cases. Its shut-down has created a gap in the market that many proxy companies are keen to fill. This guide is written for geosurf users to help them navigate through the top alternatives for GeoSurf that meet residential and data center proxy needs.

And in revealing the best alternatives to GeoSurf, we’ll answer the crucial questions for you:

  • What services do these providers offer?
  • What are their pricing structures compared to GeoSurf?
  • What advantages and potential drawbacks do they possess?

GeoSurf Shutting Down: Why and When?

The renowned residential proxy provider, GeoSurf, recently announced its impending closure set for December 20th, 2023. This surprising news follows a legal loss to Luminati Networks over a dispute concerning patent issues.

Luminati alleged that GeoSurf’s parent entity, BI Science, maliciously infringed on their proxy service patents – a claim that was heard and ruled upon in the Eastern District of Texas, due to GeoSurf’s user base in the state.

The respective companies have been at odds since 2015, when BI Science representatives allegedly obtained confidential information regarding Luminati’s operations. The controversy deepened as three ex-Luminati employees were said to join BI Science shortly after their departure.

In response to the impending shutdown, GeoSurf has addressed its client base, guiding them on transitioning to Bright Data, the new brand for Luminati. This development notably impacts the proxy industry, posing questions on the repercussions of patent disagreements, and leaving an air of uncertainty surrounding future competition and pricing dynamics in the sector.

Geosurf Services Evaluation

To understand how we chose the alternative options, we will start by summarizing the business model and services of GeoSurf.

GeoSurf, founded in 2009, is a popular provider of residential proxies and web scraping tools. Due to its strong emphasis on serving enterprises and B2B users, GeoSurf has garnered a reputation in the proxy industry for its high-quality services such as proxies for web scraping, ad verification, sales intelligence, and SEO.

GeoSurf’s Services

The business structure and services offered by GeoSurf mainly revolved around proxy services for unique use cases. The services and tools they offer included:

  • Residential Proxies to conceal users’s IP addresses and use real home IP addresses to bypass restrictions.
  • Static Residential Proxies, enabling users to repeatedly use the same IP address, which is highly beneficial for tasks that require constant connection and IP persistence.
  • Data Collection API: A Rest API that allows you to collect publicly available data from any website without using proxies or writing code.
  • GeoSurf Mobile VPN: A solution that allows for the simulation of a local user mobile experience across various locations.
  • Desktop VPN: A dedicated monthly subscription based desktop VPN that hides and protects the data of your entire PC.
  • GeoSurf’s Toolbar (Browser Extension): This tool allowed users to control their proxy usage and jump from one location to another in their browsers.

With more than 3.5 million unique IPs spanning over 1,700 cities worldwide, GeoSurf’s residential proxy network was impressively expansive. This sheer scale enabled GeoSurf to cater to diverse business use cases, especially those involving the large-scale collection of publicly accessible data.

GeoSurf Pricing

GoeSurf’s pricing plans start from $300 a month. Every plan included a mix of proxy types and services and the pricing is consistent across use cases. You can see all the details in this pricing screenshot.

A screenshot of the 5 pricing plans available on GeoSurf

User Reviews of GeoSurf

We read and analyzed more than 100 user reviews of GeoSurf.com on trusted review sites. Our analysis revealed how users see the site and its services:

GeoSurf provides a browser toolbar and mobile app that lets users easily switch their IP between over 130 different countries. International media teams use it to view geo-targeted ads in localized markets to optimize campaigns. Engineers leverage it to simulate usage across regions and catch jurisdiction-specific bugs. Compliance staff validate that country-specific regulations are being met. Marketing Teams use it to check how SEO data and competitors look locally.

Though minor frustrations exist like having to re-login or countries going offline temporarily, reviewers find the tool fast, simple, and “essential” for checking restrictions and testing products remotely without costly travel.

Best 5 Geosurf Alternatives

Having thoroughly reviewed GeoSurf and its imminent shutdown, it’s now time to present our top alternative recommendations that you can consider adopting instead of it.

a scale carrying GeoSurf's logo on one side and V6proxies on the other

1. V6proxies.com

If you’re scrambling to find a replacement for GeoSurf due to its impending closure, V6proxies could serve as an excellent alternative. They are at the top of the list of GeoSurf alternatives for many reasons:

  1. Proxy Variety And IPV6 Focus: Like GeoSurf, V6Proxies.com provides residential, data center, and mobile proxies, and residential VPN. With their unique focus on IPv6 proxies, they’re at the forefront of implementing the SOCKS5 protocol over IPv6, a specialization not emphasized by GeoSurf. This advantages makes moving to use V6proxies an upgrade you won’t like to miss.
  2. Worldwide Reach: V6Proxies.com offers a large selection of regional IPs across the globe, similar to GeoSurf’s worldwide coverage. Their rotating residential proxies pool size exceeds 10 million IPs.
  3. 20+ Use Cases: V6proxies prioritizes creating customizable plans to meet unique client needs. Whatever you were using GeoSurf for, you will find a customizable solution for it in V6proxies.com.
  4. Network Velocity and Capacity: V6Proxies.com boasts impressive network speeds of 10/40Gbps, ensuring a smooth and efficient proxy experience. Their high-performance proxies are ideal for uninterrupted browsing and scraping activities.

Comparison with GeoSurf

  • Pricing: V6Proxies offer a different pricing model for each solution, which makes them better and more client-centered when compared with the fixed pricing structure for all GooSurf services
  • Proxy Diversity: Both services offer a range of proxies, but V6 Proxies’ emphasis on IPv6 could be a differentiator for specific use cases.
  • Global Reach: Similar to GeoSurf, V6Proxies covers a wide geographical area, which is crucial for businesses needing global IP access.
  • Customization: V6 Proxies’ focus on customizable and adaptable plans mirrors and exceeds GeoSurf’s tailored approach, appealing to businesses with specific proxy needs.
  • Performance: With its high network speeds, V6Proxies stands strong against GeoSurf, ensuring minimal latency for users.
  • User Experience: Both services emphasize ease of use and customer support, although GeoSurf’s shutdown has necessitated a transition for its users.

a scale carrying GeoSurf's logo on one side and infatica's logo on the other

2. Infatica

Infatica stands out as a strong alternative to GeoSurf, particularly for users who prioritize ethical sourcing and customizable proxy services. Its transparent pricing model and comprehensive global coverage make it a suitable choice for businesses and individuals who relied on GeoSurf’s services. Main advantages include:

  • Proxy Diversity: Offers a variety of proxies, including residential, mobile, and datacenter proxies, much like GeoSurf​​.
  • Ethical Sourcing: Infatica emphasizes making sure that the proxy network and its usage doesn’t violate anyone’s rights and privacy, which is a distinct approach compared to GeoSurf.
  • Global Coverage: Provides a wide range of global locations with  aproxy pool of 10 million IPs, similar to GeoSurf’s extensive geographic coverage​​.
  • Customizable Services: Infatica offers customizable proxy services that covers scraping of tens of sites like google, social platforms and travel sites. Their services cover all proxy types except IPV6, which makes them a second choice after V6proxies in the GeoSurf alternatives list.

Comparison With GeoSurf

  • Pricing Flexibility: Infatica offers flexible pricing options, which might be more appealing to a diverse range of customers compared to GeoSurf’s structured plans​​. Pricing starts from $1 per GB for residential proxies, $4 per GB for mobile proxies, and $15 for datacenter proxies
  • Proxy Options: Both Infatica and GeoSurf offer a variety of proxy types, catering to a wide range of use cases, but Infatica’s range of choices and use cases is significantly more.
  • API Provision: Infatica’s great web scraper suite is an advantage that brings GeoSurf’s data collection API to mind.

a scale carrying GeoSurf's logo on one side and oxylab's logo on the other

3. Oxylabs

Oxylabs stands out as a strong contender in the proxy service market, offering a range of features and capabilities that make it a suitable alternative to GeoSurf. Here is why we chose it:

  • Diverse Proxy Solutions: Oxylabs offers various proxies, including residential, mobile, rotating ISP, and dedicated datacenter proxies, catering to a broad spectrum of needs​​.
  • Advanced Machine Learning For Scraping: It pioneers in artificial intelligence technologies, using machine learning models to adapt to website layout changes, ensuring efficient data acquisition​​ and scraping.
  • Large Proxy Pool: With over 102 million IPs, Oxylabs has one of the largest and most extensive proxy pools, ensuring wide coverage and compliance​​.
  • Scraper APIs: Oxylabs offers users the ability to buy and use scraper APIs for Google SERPs, Ecommerce sites, real estate aggregators, and for the whole web. This makes them a good alternative for the APIs offered by GeoSurf.

Comparison With GeoSurf

  • Pricing Flexibility: With its “pay as you go” pricing model, and a one week free trial, Oxylabs offers flexible options that can cater to a wider range of budgetary needs compared to GeoSurf’s fixed plans​​.
  • Proxy Variety: Like GeoSurf, Oxylabs offers a range of proxy solutions, but with a particular emphasis on AI and machine learning technologies for enhanced data collection​​​​.
  • Proxy Pool Size: Oxylabs’ significantly large 100-million-IP proxy pool provides an edge over GeoSurf, especially for businesses requiring extensive global coverage​​.
  • Innovation Focus: The introduction of AI-powered tools like Web Unblocker demonstrates Oxylabs’ focus on innovation, which could be a significant factor for businesses looking for cutting-edge proxy solutions​​.

a scale carrying GeoSurf's logo on one side and netnut's logo on the other

4. NetNut

NetNut stands out as a viable GeoSurf alternative given its expansive pool of over 52 million residential IPs spanning 200 countries. This extensive network can enable the uninterrupted and seamless data collection that GeoSurf users rely on. Here is how they compare to GeoSurf:

  • Pricing: NetNut offers flexible bandwidth-based packages starting at $300 for 100GB. which is not far from the GeoSurf pricing model. Their pay-as-you-go approach can allow heavier proxy usage at an affordable rate.
  • Proxy Service Variety: NetNut offers rotating and static residential proxies, 4G/5G mobile proxies, and datacenter proxies. This variety caters to diverse use cases in a similar fashion to GeoSurf’s range of proxy solutions.
  • Performance: NetNut provides a 99.9% success rate for mobile IPs and claims exceptional speeds, which matches GeoSurf’s emphasis on performance and reliability.
  • Scraping Capabilities: NetNut provides robust scraper APIs for Google SERPs, social media sites, and more. Their Unblocker offering also efficiently rotates IPs and solves CAPTCHAs much like GeoSurf facilitates scraping difficult sites. Their scraping-focused tools can appeal to GeoSurf users that leveraged its data collection API.

a scale carrying GeoSurf's logo on one side and smartproxies's logo on the other

5. Storm Proxies

Storm Proxies stands as a viable alternative to GeoSurf for users looking for rotating and dedicated proxies. While it may not offer the same variety as GeoSurf, its unique features like unlimited bandwidth and instant access make it suitable for specific proxy service requirements.

Here is why we chose it and how they compare to GeoSurf:

  • Pricing: Storm Proxies offers a more straightforward and potentially more affordable pricing structure, with options like $50 for 5 residential ports, which could be more economical for users with lower or specific requirements compared to GeoSurf’s plans that caters to more extensive needs and usage​​.
  • While GeoSurf offers a variety of proxies including residential and mobile, Storm Proxies focuses on rotating and dedicated proxies, each optimized for specific tasks.These options include:
    • Rotating Reverse Proxies: Offers over 700,000 rotating reverse proxies, ideal for tasks requiring a high volume of IP addresses​​ like scraping sites, traffic bots, bulk accounts registration, SEO tools, ticket bulk buying and buying from sneaker sites.
    • Private  Dedicated Proxies: Provides premium private dedicated proxies optimized for high-speed tasks requiring fixed IP addresses like scraping social platforms​​
  • Automatic and Instant Delivery: Storm Proxies provides instant access and unlimited bandwidth, which is advantageous for users who need immediate and extensive proxy usage​.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: Storm Proxies offers unlimited bandwidth without any hidden costs or limits, which is a significant advantage for heavy usage scenarios​​.
  • Unlike GeoSurf, Storm Proxies does not prominently feature advanced options like session control or specific targeting capabilities beyond basic regional choices.
  • Storm Proxies focuses mainly on rotating and dedicated proxies, whereas GeoSurf offers a wider variety of proxy types including residential, mobile, and static IPs.

Final Words

With GeoSurf shutting down, businesses and individuals urgently need a reliable replacement for seamless proxy services. After comparing the top contenders on crucial criteria like proxy variety, customization, performance, and ease of use, we invite you to start using V6proxies.com. Head to the proxy solutions page and choose what you need. Remember, you can ask for a custom package and get in a call with our customer support in a minute: Telegram Skype.