Residential IPs Ensure Business Growth To Stay Competitive

What is a Residential IP?

A residential IP is an IP assigned from an ISP (Internet Service Provider) to a device owner for their exclusive use. A residential proxy network reroutes requests sent from your device to a pool of residential IPs across the globe. This allows you to choose a specific location (country, city, ASN or even a mobile carrier) and surf the web as a real-user in that area. The requests sent by a user of an IPPN (IP Proxy Network) are routed through the residential IP before reaching the target site. This means the target website will only receive the IP address of the peer.


“To gather accurate information for brand protection, price comparison and more, companies require residential IPs”

What are Residential IPs used for?

Let’s say that you are a retailer and want to check your competitors’ pricing. You must have the ability to extract accurate data from their website. Using a residential IP will allow you to do that. These IPs provide the ability to collect unbiased pricing data as domains have no interest in deterring real customers.

Managing multiple accounts across various platforms from the same computer can get an account blocked. For example, an employee of a company is accessing their social media account at the same time as a 3rd party marketing firm accessing the same account, this activity is regarded as suspicious by the target site. Using residential IPs for account management solves this prevailing dilemma amongst marketing and dropshipping companies who are managing accounts for their customers situated in different locations. By using residential IPs to manage accounts they can avoid verification emails, captcha and maintain accounts with ease. You can check our social media plans here!

Residential IPs can also be used for verification purposes. Sites utilize real-peer IPs for scanning the web for works that infringe on copyrights, to verify advertisements across the globe and to collect pricing data.

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