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Reasons for Using an SEO Proxy Server

The main reason for using Google SEO proxies is automation. Collecting all the data by hand is simply too slow and inefficient. That’s why you need some help.

If you’re reading this page, you’re probably considering a manual SEO tool like ScrapeBox, GScraper, or SENuke. You might even try to write a scraping script yourself. Or you simply need proxies for your own SEO service.

In any case, you’re going to be using Google – a lot. While Google’s servers are among the most resilient in the world, the company still doesn’t want you to spam them. So, making hundreds or thousands of requests from the same IP address will very quickly lead to captchas and eventually a block.

The same goes for researching your competitors. You’re going to be assaulting their servers with many requests to extract the information you want. After noticing the attack – it won’t take long – they’ll look at where it’s coming from. There’s a high chance your IP will lead them straight back to you.

By using our Rank Tracking Proxies, you can quickly and automatically gather large amounts of data, whether from a search engine or the competition. Neither of them will be able to stop your efforts. And they won’t know who’s behind them.

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